Available Artwork 

One of a Kind (OOAK) Figurative artwork by Deb Wood is currently available for purchase. This section will change frequently as work becomes available. From time to time I offer original artwork directly to my collectors. To be in the Collectors Club and to be notified when artwork becomes available, please email and request to be added. Also a limited number of commissions are accepted during the year.  The base price for commissions starts at $600.00 with a 50% down payment and goes up depending on the subject and how much detail goes into the piece. Pieces shown on this site are original work and cannot be duplicated; that's impossible since they are made one at a time, but would consider doing similar pieces. You can get in touch if you are interested in purchasing art or arranging for a commission. The following pieces are currently available for sale. Use the Contact Us form or click here Contact for more information and/or additional photos.

Thank you for viewing and for your interest in my artwork!

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“Night Circus”

Costumed in silks, satin, knits and net; with a bustier that laces in back with silk ribbon. Tiny leather ballerina slippers, striped leggings and net stockings complete her look. This figurative sculpture is one of a kind- and she stands about 10" tall. This Night Circus figure is the second place winner in the February 2016 Michelangelo Art Show in Milan, Italy. Available: $1250.00.00

“Gelsey” The Flower Fairy

This sweet fae stands about 7" tall on her decorated Manzanita base. She is costumed in flower petals and silk- with iridescent wings and mohair wigging. She is available for sale: $850.00 Please contact me for additional photos or information.

Gelsey is SOLD.

“Kris” Father Christmas

As the wind whips outside, Kris braces and makes his way. His garments appear to blow around him. His coat is velveteen and lined with silk. Kris stands about 11" tall and his base is made of heavy alabaster so this supports him securely.

Kris is SOLD.

“Ice Queen”

The Ice Queen. Shimmering in ice blue and silver- she stands about 10" tall. Her upper body is fully sculpted with polymer clay, her lower body is built into the base and forms the armature.  For additional photos or more information, contact us at the link on the top of the page. Available: $500.00

“Fairy Godmother”

Fairy Godmother! Everyone should have one, right? This delightful little lady stands about 9" tall and she is a fully sculpted figure. Right down to her little slippers and her pink bloomers, every detail has been attended. Sparkly glasses perched on her nose completes her look. She's adorable and is available! Contact Us for more information.

Fairy Godmother is SOLD

“Wink” Little Fisherman

Wink sits on a piece of driftwood at the pond's edge, waiting for his bobber to tell him he has a nibble! He is a soft bodied posable figure, his head turns too!  Wink is about 9" tall seated. His vintage costuming from his leather boots to his jaunty little wool cap all lend to the era he represents. The pond is resin and even has lily pads floating on the surface. This adorable little guy is available for sale. $650.00


Wink is SOLD.

“Victorka Inez”

Victorka Inez is a character piece with her rich vintage silks and velvets, the embellishment on the front of her bustier is also vintage. Her detailed face painting adds to her rich dramatic look. She stands about 11" tall overall. Available: $1250.00. 



These interesting forest spirit figures are fascinating! Dryads are woodland beings who are anchored into a tree. This tree is created with strong Sculptamold product by AMACO, with a wire and wood inner structure. This dryad is mostly woman, but her hand morphs into part of the tree and becomes a branch. The base is manzanita and gives a very solid foundation for this piece. Overall height is almost 14" and is available:  $725.00


Dryad is SOLD

“Petit Four Patty”


Petit Four Patty is an adorable ballerina who holds her little petit four treats. She is a full body sculpt with a tulle tutu. The candies are also made from clay and are attached to the base. She stands about 6" tall. 

Petit Four Patty is SOLD. 


“Littlest Angel”

"The Littlest Angel" this sweet angel comes with two headpieces for a different look. She can wear her crystal tiara  anytime of year and a holly berry look for the holidays. She also can change the ornament she holds in her hand.

The Littlest Angel is SOLD. 


This funny little character is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.  Witchie is wearing green sandals with her red and white striped socks.  What witch wouldn't wear sandals, right? She stands about 6" tall on her own, but she also comes with the adorable painted orange 'shoe' base. She is available in time for Halloween! 

Witch e Poo is SOLD. 


“Elder Cinderellie”

"Cinderellie, What if the shoe hadn't fit??!!" What a fun figure! This wonderful, posable character shows what might have happened to Cinderella if the glass slipper hadn't fit her tiny little foot. This is the 'After'.  She stands about 10" tall and is dressed in satin and tulle. She holds one of the Disney mice in her hands and is leaning down to give him a kiss!

Cinderellie is SOLD.


"Woodland Spirits" Dryads are a part of age old folklore and this Dryad is a wonderful example. Created from polymer clay. The tree is sculpted from AMACO's Sculptamold and Diamond mesh wire and wood. A very solid, substantial piece, standing about 10" tall overall. Situated on a manzanita base. This piece is available : $850.00