International Art Doll Registry

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International Art Doll Registry is an international organization, known world wide for supporting artists who create one of a kind figurative artwork. Our foundation is the establishment of the Registry, the only one of it’s kind. It is a permanent archived record of each artist’s original artwork. In addition, the Registry can serve as a proof of your copyright of a design should you ever need that. Also, the Registry entries are documented in numerical order from oldest to the newest, so it’s an excellent way for artists to gauge their progress over the years.

In addition, we have more than 50 free tutorials, tips for members, and a full series of online courses offered for members at discounted prices. Banner and Graphic Design services are offered, tips on copyright and marketing and so much more. We host bi-monthly online shows with themes chosen by our members. Winners get cash prizes!

Our membership continues to grow strong each year as we strive to support and share with our fellow artists. Deb has been at the helm since 2010 and continues to work tirelessly to help others grow in this industry. Consider joining us! We welcome artists who sculpt and design one of a kind figurative artwork.

You can learn much more by visiting our site. I hope you’ll consider joining our organization!

Click on the banner above or visit us here:  International Art Doll Registry

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