This page is dedicated to the feature stories, interviews, publications, articles, advertisements plus much more information about the Artist. This has been a long, and very rewarding career and articles and feature stories are always a welcome tribute to an artist.

Following are just some of the magazines and other publications that have featured Deb's work over the years. She has also been featured in newspapers and on television. 

Click on the images to enlarge them and the links below each image provide PDF files of the articles. 

“A for Artistic” 2014 Article


A for Artistic Summer 2014

Feature Story here: summer2014 

Working with Mohair 2015


A for Artistic Spring 2015

 Article by Deb Wood: Mohair Article

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“Night Circus” Seminar


A for Artistic Summer 2015

Read it here: Night Circus 2015

Doll Reader May 2009

Read the Article here: dollreader

Et Dukkehjem Magazine


A Wonderful Article- Written in Norwegian!

Read it here: et-dukkehjemarticle

CC Spring 2013 Newsletter


Spring 2013 Article, Read it here: ccnewsletter

Giftware News


Gift Ware News, 1995: Happy Habits hit the market! Gift Ware News

Collector Bulletin


Collector Bulletin Article on Gift Line: collector-bulletin

The Merry Widows

The Merry Widows

Art Doll Quarterly Article: ADQ Winter 2017

The Merry Widows


The Merry Widows Project 2016

Art Doll Quarterly: ADQ Winter 2017

Winter 2015 Ad


Winter 2015 Advertisement by Staedtler 

Featuring "Santa" by Deb Wood

Staedtler Ad


Polymer Cafe Ad 2016

Featuring "Xylia" by Deb Wood



"What if the shoe hadn't FIT??!!" 

Cinderellie Seminar Article: cinderellie