Nancy H.

Hi Deb,

Your class is the beginning of my being able to learn to be a doll maker.  You are a master and great teacher and your work is amazing.  Every time I looked at your sculptures I thought about how natural they look.  I was so impressed with your description of how you set Rhapsody’s skirt to flatten the seam!  I thought only crazy bridal gown designers thought like that!   Your technique for making the leather bustier was so convincing it completely fooled me.
I am now really tuned in to the importance of understanding the structure of the human body and will immediately start learning about muscles and skeletons.  I know I asked a load of questions and hovered behind you all the time, but for me it was a critical opportunity to understand the basics of doll making and seeing you working was a giant help.
Thank you for your generous sharing of your knowledge and the encouragement you gave to everyone.