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"I love the mystery of it all. When an idea becomes a concept that becomes a reality; and I can sit in wonder and think- 'Where did THAT come from?' It's an amazing process, all.  I feel transcended by it."  Deb Wood

Find your Own Enchanted Heart

From My Desk to Yours

Polymer Clay and proper baking and why…

Polymer Clay and proper baking. More on this…  If clay is not fully cured all the way through- which means the heat has to reach the center of the sculpt for the full required time needed to cure- and that’s hard to accomplish in just a few minutes- (it takes longer depending on how dense […]

Talking About Clays- Again.

Recently a conversation about the new Fimo Professional Clay started again- and I realized the issues are plaguing the users. This is unfortunate because it is a great clay for many reasons. I noticed the problem about a year ago at my live seminar, Night Circus. There I decided to use Fimo Professional Cameo because […]

There’s a First for Everything!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post. I will most certainly get the hang of this- and find it a great way to share thoughts- spur of the moment thoughts-with all of you. I’ve been working on my new website since July and am finally ready to put the final touches on it and […]

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Deb Wood is the original artist of the popular gift lines, Happy Habits and Li'l Bits.
Please visit the Happy Habits Gift Line page and the About Me page for more information about this.