Lynne B.

Just to say that I always enjoy lightbulb moments when I’m learning to sculpt and particularly with you, Deb, as you’ve given me 2 now – the first was on the Flower Fairy tutorial where I discovered the little kink in the neck when making an armature and now here on the Jolly Old Nick […]

Joyce C.

I love belonging to your “International Art Doll Registry” & following you on FB, you make everyone feel like your good friend, so thank you very much we all appreciate you very much Without you my learning to sculpt would have taken so much longer & I’m almost 75 so,the faster the better ha ha & […]

Elizabeth F.

I just have to let you know, your information and detail is beyond any other persons I have seen, I learnt more in one night of reading your classes than I have in the last 2 years. You are amazing, keep up the good work and Thank you so very much for sharing.

Nancy G.

Deb, I greatly enjoy all your projects! You are a fount of knowledge and you graciously share it with us all. I wish I could afford to take all your classes, but I take every one I can swing. Thanks again for these yearly freebies you give to us.

Mary E.

I am very privileged to have stumbled across your art at a time when I can afford to acquire it for my very own. But your art speaks to me from the photos of your sculptures as well. Even were I not to have any for my own collection, I can feel wonder & vibrancy […]

Nancy H.

Hi Deb, Your class is the beginning of my being able to learn to be a doll maker.  You are a master and great teacher and your work is amazing.  Every time I looked at your sculptures I thought about how natural they look.  I was so impressed with your description of how you set […]

Ann L.

My daughter and I just spent some time on your website. She kept saying, “Oh, that is my favorite!”, with every click. There are many I haven’t seen and many more that took my breath away. I love your work and am grateful to have someone like you in the world that can create such […]

Vicki H.

DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After I picked up my lower lip, lol, all I could do was STARE AT HER FOR AN HOUR!!!!!!!!  GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, DETAILED, HER EYES ARE ALIVE, her FACE is stunning!!!!!!! COSTUMING LOVELY!!! THE WINGS look fit for an ANGEL! And her SKIN…the coloring is PERFECT! Well, you’ve gone and done it Deb…spoiled me […]

Write a book…I want to buy it and read it again and again (sign mine please).

Scott M.

Deb Wood, you are nothing short of a master of your craft.   I’ve poured over your online work …gasped and stared at your finished pieces, silenced by your talent. To say I am enamored and awe stuck would be an understatement. On one hand, I want to burn everything I’ve ever created and hang […]